Introduction to Shaanxi Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd.
Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale highway construction enterprise reorganized by the original Shaanxi Road and Bridge Engineering Corporation. Its main business scope includes steel structure, railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, traffic engineering, municipal engineering construction, technology development, consulting and testing. Inspection and other related auxiliary industries, the company has a special qualification for highway engineering general contracting and a first-class qualification for engineering design highway industry, a first-class qualification for municipal engineering general contracting, a first-class qualification for architectural engineering general contracting, roadbed, pavement, bridge, tunnel, The first-class qualification of traffic engineering, the first-class and second-class (grade A) qualifications of highway maintenance engineering construction, and the second-level general contracting of construction engineering, the second-level landscape engineering, the third-level professional contracting of steel structure engineering, and the general contracting of railway engineering Qualifications such as grade three, the company has passed the QEOHS certification, has the qualification to operate foreign contracted projects, and can undertake various types of projects in construction, highways, railways, municipal public utilities, ports and waterways, water conservancy and hydropower Construction general contracting, engineering general contracting and project management business.

The company has a registered capital of 310 million yuan, more than 2,300 employees, more than 1,200 professional and technical personnel, 1200 sets (sets) of various large-scale construction machines, high-grade highways with more than 150km and 15-20 special features Large-scale bridges, long and extra-long tunnels have an annual production capacity of more than 10 billion yuan.

Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has participated in the construction of more than 1,600 kilometers of high-grade highways in more than 20 domestic provinces, built more than 150 large and medium-sized bridges, and went abroad to participate in the technology of Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Angola, UAE and other countries. Aid and highway and municipal engineering projects. The projects undertaken by the company have achieved excellent results in terms of quality and safety, schedule progress, and civilized construction. The project has an excellent rate of more than 98%, which has been widely praised by construction units and industry authorities.

More than thirty years after its establishment, the company has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of “hard work and daring to be the first”, rooted in the land of the Three Qin dynasties, with footprints all over the borders of the south, north and south of Cyprus, and has undertaken a large number of highway engineering projects inside and outside the province. From the establishment to the end of the last century, the company has undertaken the construction of the first cable-stayed bridge in Shaanxi Province-Ankang Huoshiya Bridge, the first high-grade highway in Shaanxi-the first (west) An (three) first-level highway, the first Expressways-West (An) Lin (Tong) Expressway, West (An) Bao (Chi) Expressway, San (former) Tong (Sichuan) Expressway, Tong (Sichuan) Huang (Ling) Expressway, Guangdong Guang (State) Shenzhen (Zhen) Expressway, Fujian Zhang (State) Building (Gate), Quan (State) Building (Gate) Expressway, etc., and Yaoxian Viaduct, the longest in the northwest at that time, known as the "Bridge Museum", designed by themselves The continuous rigid frame bridge with the highest pier height of the similar bridge in Asia constructed by the hanging basket-Xihe Bridge in Chengxian; at the beginning of this century, the company has undertaken the construction of the first desert expressway in China-Yu (Lin) Jing (Bian) Expressway Highway, the first mountain highway in our province-Mian (county) Ning (strong) highway, West (An) Yan (liang) highway, Xi'an round-the-city highway and Xinjiang, Gansu, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Expressway engineering projects in Guangdong, Yunnan and other provinces, as well as the Fengshihe Bridge on the Jishao Expressway in Henan and the “Second High Bridge in East China” and the Jiaxi Bridge on the Panxin Highway in Zhejiang; The company insists on being aggressive and innovative, and has successively undertaken the construction of highway projects in Shatian, Shitian, Baohan, Qinglan, Shenfu, Yusui, Xianxun, Weiyu, Xixian North Ring Road, Xining South Ring Expressway , Yunnan Shuima Expressway, Hunan Longyong Expressway, Qinghai Huajiu Expressway and UAE Dubai Racecourse Viaduct Project, etc., successfully constructed a number of technologically advanced projects, such as the first domestic construction waste recycling technology for roadbed paving The construction of the West Xianbei Ring Expressway, the main span is the 119-meter rectangular all-welded steel box lift beam arch bridge, the Jiangsu Jinghang Canal Qinhong Bridge, the large-span plateau loess tunnel-Xining Ringcheng Expressway Tonghai Tunnel, and the water-rich geological tunnel-Hunan Longyong Expressway 24 bid dam tunnel, Xunyang connecting line Wintergreen tunnel, plateau alpine region highway tunnel-Qinghai Huajiu Expressway 13 bid Xueshan No. 2 tunnel, Huangyan Expressway expansion project 3 bid Xiaoyuanzi tunnel, etc., Completion of extra-long tunnels, large-span tunnels and special geological tunnels of more than 12,000 meters. The West Third Class Highway constructed by the company won the National Silver Award for Quality Engineering and the First Prize for Quality Engineering of the Ministry of Communications. It has created a quality record of 18 years of no major repairs in pavement engineering and has become a model for asphalt pavement technology. The southern section, Mianning Expressway, Henan Xupingnan Expressway, Henan Zhubi Expressway and many other engineering projects won the National Quality Engineering Silver Award, Yujing Expressway won the National Construction Engineering Luban Award, Yan'an Wangjiaping Bridge, Xi'an Ring Road Several projects such as the expressway and Yunnan Shuima Expressway won the provincial quality engineering award. In 2017, the Xi'an-Tongchuan Expressway won the National Quality Engineering Award.

In recent years, Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has vigorously promoted the "artisan spirit", strived to build a "quality project", and actively participated in the construction of highways and general contracting projects in Taifeng, Shuiyang, Pingzhen, and Yanzi in Shaanxi Province. Relying on engineering projects, Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has actively promoted scientific and technological progress. The enterprise technology center has been rated as a provincial-level technology center. In recent years, it has completed four provincial-level construction methods. More than 80 QC group activities have won national and provincial outstanding achievement awards. Obtained seven national practical technology and invention patents, and was rated as the advanced unit of engineering construction quality management in Shaanxi Province for five consecutive years. The company keeps up with the technological development trend of the industry, and has made great progress in the application of new technologies, new materials, and new processes. In the high-pier and long-span deep-water bridges, the soft soil subgrade in coastal areas, the road surface regeneration technology, the concentrated prefabricated installation of bridges in high-altitude areas, and the large We have accumulated rich construction experience in the construction of long-span loess tunnels and tunnels in the plateau alpine regions.

Shaanxi Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has been repeatedly rated as a national outstanding construction enterprise, a national top 100 transportation enterprise, a national transportation system civilized unit, an excellent construction enterprise in Shaanxi Province, a top 100 Shaanxi construction enterprise, a Shaanxi transportation industry's most dynamic enterprise, Shaanxi Provincial government's "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise, Shaanxi provincial civilized unit, national highway construction enterprise comprehensive credit evaluation "AA" enterprise, Shaanxi "May 1" labor certificate. Chairman and General Manager Cheng Daohu was named "National Excellent Enterprise Manager in Construction Industry" and an advanced individual in Shaanxi Provincial Labor Competition.

With all the roads in the world, Shaanxi Luqiao Group Co., Ltd. upholds the tenet of "pursuing excellence and casting quality products", and is willing to join hands with colleagues from all walks of life to join in traffic construction and create a better future!